Sweeten the rules for juicier hold’em poker variants – Pineapple

Do you love Texas Hold’Em Poker? Perhaps you are looking for something a little sweeter? Enter Pineapple Poker, a juicy mixup of the rules of Texas Hold’Em and Omaha Poker that makes the perfect dessert. With more hole cards and a bigger pile of cash to play for, Pineapple is one of those Hold’em poker variants that may seem like a gimmick but which could well become one of your favourite Hold’Em poker games of all time.

Pineapple Poker Rules: a new form of Hold’Em

There are a few Pineapple Poker variants out there, but let’s begin by taking a look at the rules of a standard game of Pineapple. With standard Pineapple Poker, all players will be dealt three hole cards (i.e. cards that are dealt face down and which each player keeps secret from the other players). There will then commence a round in which each player places their bets. This is a ‘pre flop’ round, so nobody is allowed to exit the game at this point: they need to wait for the ‘flop’ to be dealt. For Hold’Em rookies: the ‘flop’ in poker is the round in which a set of ‘community cards’ are dealt out to the players. Usually consisting of three cards, the flop is dealt out face up on the table and all players can make use of these cards to make up their winning hand. In Pineapple Poker, as with other versions of Hold’Em, players try and make the best hand possible by combining the flop with their hole cards. Once the flop is dealt out, the game proceeds much as any regular game of Hold’Em would and players can start getting rid of one of their cards. Online casinos tend to offer Pineapple Poker as a limit game, however several online casinos are now providing this game with no limits, enabling poker fans to win huge sums of cash.

Pineapple Poker variants: three exciting new games to try

Keen to branch out even further into the weird and wonderful world of Pineapple Poker? Here are three of the most popular Pineapple Poker variants that you can find online.

1. Crazy Pineapple

This variant is a little stricter regarding when players can begin to discard their cards. When playing Crazy Pineapple, players hang on to all of their three hole cards during the pre-flop and flop betting rounds, and only after then is it required that they discard one of their hole cards.

2. Lazy Pineapple

Feeling lazy? This variant is for you. With Lazy Pineapple, players hold on to all three of their hole cards until the final round (the ‘river’) is dealt out. Then, once the betting has finished, they can choose which card they wish to discard.

3. Chinese Open-Face Pineapple

Lovers of Chinese poker variants will know that this is very different to the classic Hold’Em game. Here, players are dealt out cards, which they gradually turn face up (hence the name ‘open face’) until they have created a 13 card hand consisting of three rows. In classic Chinese Pineapple Poker, players are dealt out one additional card which they can use to attempt to complete one of their rows to the best of their ability. There is also a Crazy Pineapple variant, whereby players are all dealt out not just one new card, but three whole new cards which they can deploy strategically anywhere amid their three rows of cards. For players more used to the simplistic design of Omaha and Hold’Em poker, Chinese poker can be something of a paradigm shift. Nevertheless, once you have mastered the rules, it can be intricate, intense and rewarding.

Pineapple Poker: a delectably fruity treat for poker fans

Playing one single poker variant again and again can leave you stuck in a rut. Make your technique more fluid and expand your horizons by trying out new Hold’Em poker games today. Pineapple Poker, and the Pineapple Poker variants that branch off from the standard game, are all available widely in online casinos. As you can imagine, players are particularly attracted to Pineapple Poker thanks to the flexibility that is offered by the third hole card (as opposed to just two hole cards in classic Texas Hold’Em Poker). Try out this exciting, tense and action packed variant of Texas Hold’Em Poker today and enjoy the taste of pineapple.